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Top 5 Tech Recruiting Challenges in 2022

Overcome tech recruiting challenges with GeekHunter

Talking about the shortage of IT professionals is pretty much like the expression “water is wet”. But, to address the main tech recruiting challenges, it is impossible to avoid this subject.

In recent years, the advance of digital transformation has demanded an increasing amount of talent with a technological profile. On the other hand, the speed with which the market trains professionals is still far from sufficient to meet this need.

To give you an idea, the expectation is that the Brazilian IT market will demand around 800,000 new professionals by 2025.

With the number of vacancies much greater than the number of available candidates, competition between companies is rampant. And if the task of recruiting talent, by itself, is already complex, in this scenario the challenge becomes even greater.

Next, we’ll talk more about the main pains of tech recruiting and give some tips on what can be done to overcome them. If you are a Tech Recruiter, be sure to read the article until the end!

The search for tech professionals is getting harder every year

Why is it so difficult to recruit tech professionals?

Yes, the IT talent shortage is a latent problem. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges companies face in tech recruiting.

After all, it is not enough to hire any professional: if your company wants to grow, it will need to find excellent talent FAST! After all, the market asks for agility.

That said, let’s go to the main tech recruiting challenges:

1 – Find qualified and experienced professionals

According to a recent survey conducted by the Robert Walters Group, 8 out of 10 companies struggle to incorporate specialized technology talent into their teams.

It is not by chance that the technology sector leads the most difficult positions to be filled today, with emphasis on some profiles: programmers, developers, software engineers, and cyber security specialists.

In fact, being able to attract qualified and experienced candidates, who meet the requirements of each open position, has kept many recruiters up at night.

2 – Striking the perfect balance between technical and behavioral knowledge

Although the technology area is quite technical, finding the right professional goes far beyond finding someone who masters the use of specific tools and programming languages.

Nowadays, companies are also increasingly concerned with finding professionals with a cultural fit, that is, with the ability to adapt to the organization’s values ​​and purposes.

This is a very important criterion for the following reason: when the employee and the company make a perfect match, the chances of this professional-feeling happier and more engaged with the work are much greater.

In short, cultural fit helps employees want to stay in the same job longer.

Taking into account that technology professionals are highly sought after, you can already understand the difference that this alignment of values ​​and purpose can make, right?

3 – Increase engagement in selection processes

Among the challenges faced by companies in tech recruitment, low candidate engagement is also a factor that draws attention.

One of the great difficulties faced by recruiters is to make professionals participate in all stages of a selection process. So much so that, according to a recent survey, at least 30% of suitable candidates for job vacancies give up halfway.

The excess of tests and tests, added to the long duration of some processes, are the main causes behind the high dropout rate.


These are the top tech recruiting challenges

4 – Be agile, even with lean HR teams

As we said earlier, agility is a very important factor in closing strategic vacancies. But, how to be agile when you have to deal with so many different demands?

Well, this is a question that almost every HR professional has. After all, the area embraces many responsibilities beyond recruitment and selection.

When the department is made up of just a few people, then that’s when you have to turn around at 30 to be able to handle everything.

In the midst of so many tasks, completing a selection process as quickly as expected becomes a real challenge – which, in turn, can limit the company’s ability to attract the best candidates.

5 – Create truly assertive job descriptions

While this isn’t just a tech recruiting problem, we need to talk about it… After all, job descriptions are an essential part of the application process.

The right information helps the candidate understand if the advertised role really aligns with their skill set or if it’s a job they want and can do.

Therefore, a poorly made or even too generic job description can significantly compromise the ability of companies to attract the right talent.

If this is a challenge your company faces, we have content that can help: “Job description: creating a killer job description”. It’s worth taking a look!

And oh! Here it is worth adding that there is no point in having a good job description if it is not accompanied by a good advertising strategy. Using good channels is also essential!

How can you overcome these tech recruiting challenges?

Lack of specialized professionals, lean teams, low engagement in selection processes… As you have seen so far, the challenges faced by companies in tech recruitment are quite varied.

But all is not lost: there are some practices that can help HR a lot along this journey, such as investing in technology!

In recent years, technological tools have benefited companies in many ways, including when it comes to attracting, selecting, and recruiting top talent.

Online recruitment platforms are proof of this, as they optimize various processes involved in hiring new employees, such as posting vacancies, conducting online interviews, sending feedback, etc.

For lean HR teams, who need to gain agility when closing vacancies, this is the holy grail!

Meet GeekHunter, the platform that solves the main tech recruiting challenges

Now that you know the main challenges of tech recruitment and the importance of using technology to overcome them, we want to introduce you to GeekHunter: a platform designed to optimize selection processes for technology professionals.

Unlike other recruitment software or job sites available on the market, GeekHunter’s platform is exclusively aimed at programmers and developers.

In it, companies have access to a talent base with more than 200,000 professionals with skills in various technologies such as back-end, front-end, full-stack, mobile, and data science, including Full and Senior levels.

In addition, all candidates from our base already arrive previously evaluated for organizations, because, when registering on the platform, they undergo intelligent evaluations of CVs and programming tests.

This means that, with a single registration, professionals can participate in all processes – which helps to increase engagement during the selection phase!

To top it off, the tool works as an extension of the HR team, automating much of the recruitment process – such as, for example, analyzing resumes and scheduling interviews. Want to learn more about how Geek can help your company overcome the challenges of hiring technology professionals?

Then click here and talk to one of our consultants!

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