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Brazilian Developers Costs & Salaries: A 2024 Breakdown

As Latin America emerges as the main destination for hiring technology talent, Brazil has become the region’s leading hub for IT talent. The country has a large pool of software developers, and a combination of high-quality professionals and lower costs compared to North America makes it highly sought after. This is why the salary range of Brazilian developers has become a subject of interest to many stakeholders.

If you plan to hire a technology professional in Brazil, this article will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, read on to discover the crucial details on the tech hiring costs.

For additional insights into the advantages of hiring in Brazil, explore our blog at https://geekhunter.com/blog/hiring-advantages-in-brazil/.

The costs of hiring Brazilian developers – an overview

When exploring the possibility of offshore hiring, it’s important to weigh the costs involved in hiring tech talent. Factors such as salary, equipment expenses, bonuses, and compensations can make it challenging to determine the actual costs, especially in countries with unique bureaucratic processes.

While a wealth of information is available online, getting an accurate picture of salary averages in a particular region can be difficult. This is especially true when considering differences in seniority, tech stack, and specialization.

Some sources suggest that salaries for Brazilian developers may be significantly below average. At one Google search result, the salary range for a skilled senior software developer in Brazil is US$23,47.00/year—a figure considered lower than the average. While this might seem attractive at first glance, it is important to highlight that it is a budget paid by local companies that do not look for developers with the skills that international startups need.

Despite this, Brazilian salaries remain highly attractive to American partners, especially given the intense competition in the United States. Moreover, Brazil’s IT market is rapidly expanding, making it an excellent option for offshore hiring. By carefully assessing the costs involved, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the benefits of offshore hiring while keeping their expenses under control.

Based on our research from 2022, these are the salary ranges Brazilian software developers are asking when working for American companies according to their seniority:

Brazilian software developers’ salary range

Brazilian developers salary range
*Salary base, not including benefits

It is true that with the layoffs, software engineers are being more careful when they think about switching to another company. But the compensation package is something that drives those changes, especially if you are paying way below the market average. Other companies might see that a developer working for a year or more for another American company has already proved their value and is a lower risk. Therefore they offer more to the developer you’ve already hired. 

Now that we understand more about the average salary of Brazilian developers, let’s compare the earnings of developers in Brazil vs the United States.

US vs Brazilian software developers’ salary ranges- Insights to decide better

As mentioned before, the average salary is subject to variation depending on factors such as seniority and technological expertise. Moreover, within each specialization, distinct programming languages play a crucial role, and the cost tends to escalate with the accumulation of experience in a particular domain.

American vs Brazilian developers’ salary range (US$/thousand per year)

Source: Builtin / Internal research

The salary range does not include additional bonuses or other forms of compensation

We conducted the research by examining the overall costs companies might have with Geekhunter’s Senior developers. The analysis integrates their expertise and seniority, taking into account their pre-vetted English proficiency and active pursuit of international opportunities.

However, there is a difference between the average salary of software developers depending on their technology stack and primary specialization. Furthermore, the industry highly values individuals with over 6 years of experience in the field, making them the most in demand.

With personalized services, companies can engage a professional meticulously aligned with the necessary skills while staying within a reasonable budget. Therefore, aligning expectations and requirements is crucial.

It’s up to you!

By relying on the expertise of tech hiring professionals, you can reduce the risks of hiring developers who may not align well with the position or meet expectations.

At Geekhunter, we provide a tailored service to each client, based on their specific needs. Moreover, our screening process significantly emphasizes cultural fit when evaluating a tech professional. This ensures that both the company and the developer are in sync and can provide good long-term collaboration. Our developers not only deliver work but also add value to every company they work with.

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