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Hiring Advantages in Brazil

Hiring outside the US might seem like a daunting challenge, especially for companies with limited resources that are cautious about taking risks. In today’s world, there’s a vast number of staffing agencies, dev shops, and freelancer websites available. However, that’s not the focus here.

So, this blog post is for those who are already aware of the benefits of hiring in Brazil but still have some questions on…

“How? What are the solutions over there?”

Many people think that checking out staffing agencies is the most cost-effective option. Sure, you might get your professionals, but you won’t receive any kind of support on compliance, or workplace devices, won’t have the guarantee of quality and mismanagement is more common than you think.

So, why don’t have a partner to build a dedicated team?

Having a local partner offers a significant advantage. They can provide the company with everything necessary to establish their own team in Brazil or Latin America. The professionals will work full-time under the direct supervision of your team leaders. In that way, you guarantee that you have committed product stakeholders and not just mercenary freelancers.

Also, the partner takes care of all aspects: contracts, management, logistics, local HR benefits, laptops, adherence to US regulations, and more.

But it might be costly, isn’t it?

Software development is trending to be one of the market sectors that are extremely costly. Being more direct and using Glassdoor as research information, a Senior Software Engineer from the US costs around US$ 250,000,00 including all the benefits, taxes and bonus. 

That ‘s TOO much. Using GeekHunter data, one Senior Software Engineer from Brazil, working only to your company costs an average of US$80.000,00. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and more senior qualified developers may be charging over that. 

And how about the quality?

According to 2023 HackerRank Developer Skills Report, the region that experiences the highest growth in invitations for technical tests is Latin America, specially in Brazil. 

That can only mean that many companies all around the world are looking through the region to hire the top talents they’ve over there.

GeekHunter: The solution to hire in Brazil 

Brazil has quality and shares the same time zone as the US. You can find a developer that will cost less and speaks English very well. All you need now is a partner to manage everything for you while you can focus on your product roadmap.

GeekHunter is here to help. As a Brazilian startup that has been in the tech hiring market since early 2015, we’re the best option for American companies that want to reduce risks with their tech hiring in Brazil and Latin America. 

If you’re interested, Fill out this form, and we’ll be ready to assist your company with whatever you need.

Start hiring brazilian developers!

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