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Offshore Backend Salaries: Simple & Explained

In today’s fast-changing tech world, where websites and apps drive modern businesses, backend developers play a crucial role.

Due to the competitive nature of salaries in this sector, many American companies are hiring backend developers offshore, and Brazil has become a top destination.

With a vast pool of software engineers, Brazil has witnessed growth in the backend development field. Brazilian professionals possess excellent technical knowledge and programming skills that are highly sought after in the market.

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In this article, we will analyze the salary trends of Brazilian backend developers based on experience levels and salary distribution.

The Rising Demand for Backend Developers:

Backend developers serve as the backbone of software and web development. They are responsible for the maintenance and creation of applications and websites and their expertise ensures seamless operation and resolution of any issues that may arise.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 25% increase in overall employment of software developers between 2022 and 2032, surpassing the average growth rate for other professions. Consequently, their salaries are expected to trend upward due to increased competition.

This is why Brazil is emerging as an attractive alternative. The country boasts of quality backend developers who offer services at affordable rates, making it a popular destination for businesses searching for these professionals.

In the following sections, we will outline Brazilian backend developers’ salary distributions and ranges according to their experience level.

Backend Developer Salary in Brazil:

The remuneration of backend developers in Brazil varies depending on factors such as seniority and specialization. Developers with expertise in sought-after technologies like Java, Python, and Ruby on Rails typically command higher salaries than those with more generic skills.

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Nevertheless, our research examines the average pay requested by backend developers on Geekhunter’s platform to offer insights into the current salary trends.

The findings reveal a nuanced picture, with salary distributions varying across different experience levels and specializations.

Graphic 1: Backend developer salary request distribution (US$ thousands/year):

Source: Internal research

The distribution curve offers a visual representation of the average wages and highlights the points of concentration within the backend field. For Senior Brazilian backend developers, the curve shows a concentration of salaries around U$85.33 thousand dollars per year, reflecting the average earnings for them. Of course, this is related to qualified software engineers being able to communicate proficiently in English. 

Contrasting this with the salaries of US backend developers, where the average annual income stands at approximately U$120,08K per year, we notice a disparity.

For a more comprehensive analysis, we will present below the average salaries grouped by the experience levels of Brazilian backend developers.

Graphic 2: Backend developer salary by years of experience (US$thousands/ year)

Source: Internal research

When analyzed in terms of experience, salaries for backend developers range from US$52,35K for the entry-level to US$93,34K for seniors with extensive expertise and mastery in the field. Our research took into account both the average salary and the expenses incurred by companies when sourcing skilled backend engineers.

The maximum request shown in the graph represents developers with prior experience in international startups and big techs, emphasizing their suitability and high value within the global tech market. However, as the previous distribution showed, they are the exception and not the norm when we look at the overall talent pool available.

Grow your backend developer team with Geekhunter:

By delineating trends and average salaries for backend developers, our goal is to offer practical guidance to companies seeking to hire tech talent offshore in Brazil and Latin America.

Additionally, we assist you in finding, hiring, and managing committed professionals who share similar time zones and possess fluent English proficiency. 

For further insights into hiring costs for other tech careers, we encourage you to explore our blog at: https://geekhunter.com/blog/brazilian-developers-salary-costs/ 

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