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Evolving Technology Recruitment: GeekHunter and Howdy Join Forces to Drive the Industry forward

GeekHunter was founded in Florianópolis (SC) in 2015 by twin brothers Tomás and Celso Ferrari.

Today is a very special day. Just a few hours ago, we announced a significant milestone in our journey: the acquisition of GeekHunter by Howdy.com, a US-based company recognized for being one of the leaders in talent recruitment in the technology sector.

In this post, we want to share more about why we believe this step represents a turning point not only for us but also for our community of clients, candidates, partners, and for the entire technology recruitment ecosystem.

Let’s start this story from the beginning…

The GeekHunter DNA

Founded in 2015 by twin brothers Tomás and Celso Ferrari, GeekHunter quickly stood out with an innovative approach to recruitment.

In the constantly evolving technological landscape, there was a pressing need for a more efficient and focused recruitment process. Many companies were struggling to find talents that aligned with their specific needs and were available at the right time for hiring.

Recognizing this demand, GeekHunter embraced the challenge to address it through a platform that rethinks and reverses the traditional recruitment approach: instead of professionals applying for job positions, it’s the companies interested in hiring that send interview requests to them.

To make this process feasible, GeekHunter attracts, pre-validates, and approves the most engaged professionals with the technical potential for hiring. This approach simplifies and expedites the entire process, broadening the power of choice for talents, while also providing companies with a list of pre-selected tech candidates, all ready to embrace new challenges.

From the very beginning, GeekHunter’s central purpose was clear: to transform lives through technology. We believe that technology is the key to solving humanity’s greatest problems, and to realize this vision, we understand the importance of having highly skilled professionals.

Acting as the bridge between technological initiatives and talents, GeekHunter enabled thousands of companies to access highly qualified talents and allowed professionals to find the ideal environment for their development.

Over the years, GeekHunter has grown, reaching approximately 400,000 professionals and over 13,000 registered companies on its platform. Through each connection made by the platform, lives were transformed, careers were propelled, and businesses thrived.

But this story didn’t stop and doesn’t end there.

At the beginning of 2023, GeekHunter launched Dedicated Teams, a tech recruitment service. This initiative further expanded our solutions, catering to the needs of companies that need to hire but lack expertise in recruiting technology professionals and aim to reduce risks on hiring offshore.

Dedicated Teams offers a highly specialized service, allowing companies to find and hire the best candidates from all over LATAM.

In summary, GeekHunter’s journey reflects a company that embraced the idea that technology will shape the future and, in doing so, connected brilliant talents with the companies leading this transformation.

With continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence, GeekHunter continues to pave new paths in the field of technology recruitment, leaving a lasting impact on the industry and people’s lives.

Howdy.com: A Purpose-Driven Alliance

The year 2022 brought forth new opportunities with the entrance of Howdy.com onto the stage. This US-based company, specializing in talent management within the technology sector, shares GeekHunter’s mission of connecting exceptional talents with exciting opportunities. The contact between GeekHunter and Howdy.com was made possible through a common investor who immediately recognized the synergy between the missions and challenges of the two companies.

From an exchange of visions to a strategic collaboration, the union was solidified. With similar values, culture, and objectives, GeekHunter and Howdy.com saw their journeys mirrored in shared challenges and ambitions.

This alliance emerges as a unique opportunity to foster innovation, elevate candidate and company experiences, and further enrich the recruitment experience in the technology market.

The acquisition of GeekHunter by Howdy.com goes beyond a simple business merger; it’s a collaboration that transcends geographical boundaries. Together, the companies aim to achieve an annual revenue of US$35 million by 2024.

Through this collaboration, we are reshaping the future of recruitment, creating a platform that encompasses connections, innovation, collaborative growth, and mutual prosperity.

Strengthening and Expanding Our Mission

With this union, the natural question arises: what changes for our partners, clients, and talents? It’s crucial to emphasize that the partnership with Howdy.com will not alter the essence of GeekHunter. The brands and management teams remain independent. The difference lies in the magnitude and potential of what we can now offer.

By uniting our resources, technologies, and expertise with Howdy.com, we are better prepared than ever to meet recruitment demands effectively and with customization.

We have solidified our foundation to provide even more innovative solutions, expanding our investments in technology, innovation, and quality. Our clients, candidates, and partners can expect an enhanced experience, with an expanded range of solutions to tackle the evolving challenges of the technology landscape.

GeekHunter, now a subsidiary of Howdy.com, expands perspectives for both Brazilian and international companies.

This strategic collaboration will offer access to global talents for the needs of Brazilian companies, as well as broaden the range of technological skills available for Latin American businesses.

Together, our candidate bases encompass over 100 technology skills, ranging from engineering and design to data analysis and product management. Encompassing areas such as AI, Android, Data Engineering, DevOps, GoLang, Java, Kotlin, Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, Product Managers, UX/UI, and much more.

This wide variety reflects the joint commitment to meet the diverse needs of companies and provide talents with a vast spectrum of opportunities.

Looking to the Future: What to Expect from this Union

The combination of GeekHunter’s transformative spirit with Howdy.com’s expertise opens a new chapter in technology recruitment. We aim to create an increasingly intuitive, transparent, and efficient recruitment experience for the technology market.

Cutting-edge innovations, such as artificial intelligence, will be implemented to identify not only technical skills but also the cultural and behavioral traits that make a candidate exceptional. This will result in more successful matches between companies and professionals, driving customer satisfaction and talent retention.

By combining the global talents of both companies, we are poised to create an ecosystem that harnesses the diversity of knowledge and skills of tech talents to drive innovation and solve complex problems through technology.

As we look to the future, GeekHunter and Howdy.com embark on a journey together that promises to elevate technology recruitment in the Americas. A journey marked by discoveries, challenges overcome, and shared achievements.

We invite you to join us in this pursuit of excellence, where talent and technology intertwine to shape the future in transformative ways. With respect for the roots that have brought us here and eyes set on the future, we will advance as a united force, ready to inspire, innovate, and make a lasting impact.

Learn more about the GeekHunter platform and services, and rely on our expertise to quickly and efficiently hire the best professionals. Speak with one of our specialists and take your team to the next level.

Let’s move forward, for we have much to do, in order to increasingly fulfill our mission of transforming lives through technology.

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