Hire software developers in Brazil 

We help U.S. companies to find, hire and manage committed professionals who are in similar time zones and speak fluent English.

We give you peace of mind regarding your hiring process so you can focus on your business and product roadmap.

We’re trusted by top companies

Why hire GeekHunter 
software developers

Have access to pre-vetted talents in Brazil

Developers in similar time zone

Same quality, for a fraction of the US cost

Risk Free


Retention perks for
tech talents

How does GeekHunter
work for companies

Your responsibilities


Give us all details possible on the role requirements and company’s culture.


Interview a few candidates and select the chosen one.


Start working with a new engaged team member.

GeekHunter responsibilities


Source skilled candidates.


Approve the best ones by a vetting process for technical and cultural fit.


Deal with contracts, offers and all of that.


Provide payroll, benefits and local compliance.


Support the onboarding.


Focus on retention with career mentoring and other exclusive perks.

Connecting the best software developers in Brazil with US-based companies

We recruit candidates that match your request
We pre-vet and interview the most talented candidates
We handle onboarding, legal compliance, payroll and benefits
You start working with your new teammates

Let us know what you’re looking for

    Our reputation  is imperative for us. That is how we get to the best developers.

    Lucas Peres, Scala Engineer

    Reduce your costs,
    and grow without lay-offs

    After over 8 years of experience building our candidate acquisition machine, we can find the best software developers with different backgrounds coming from the largest tech hub in Latin America.

    Average US Cost

    Salary, benefits and taxes

    $150,000150000 of 150000
    150000 of 150000

    GeekHunter Cost

    Salary, benefits, taxes and GeekHunter fee

    $80,00095000 of 150000
    95000 of 150000

    Everything you need to build great products

    You choose the stack. We vet their skills.

    We are used to hard to find software developers and we know Brazil has a ton of great people.

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