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Global Talent Pool: Why limit yourself to onshore?

Businesses are facing unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to recruiting the right talent. Traditionally, companies relied on local resources, but with the advent of technology and globalization, accessing a global talent pool has become increasingly viable and advantageous.

Embracing a diverse talent pool beyond geographical borders offers many benefits that can propel businesses to new heights of success.

Onshore vs. Global Talent Pool: How do You choose?

That’s a tricky question, as it can be quite challenging. While hiring onshore might seem like the easiest and cheapest option, it’s not necessarily the truth. Usually, the same developer who earns US$150,000 a year in the US may earn only around US$80,000 in Brazil. However, working with a global talent pool offers many more benefits than just cost-savings:

Expanded funnel of possible candidates.

Accessing a global market of talent expands the potential candidate pool exponentially. Companies are no longer limited by the local talents, allowing them to seek out professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This diverse perspective fosters creativity and innovation, which are critical for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced market.

Finding that blue eyes white tiger.

Additionally, tapping into a global talent pool enables businesses to find specialized skills that may not be readily available in their local area. This is particularly beneficial for industries that require niche talents, such as advanced technology development, AI research, or language-specific services.

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Diversity, inclusion, inovation.

Beyond the economic advantages, hiring globally fosters cultural diversity and inclusion within the organization. Embracing a multitude of perspectives nurtures a rich and dynamic work environment, promoting collaboration and understanding amongst team members from various backgrounds.

Time zone proximity.

You don’t have to be a geography expert to notice that South America and North America share some time zones, right? However, you need to understand what that means. It implies that your onshore development team can work simultaneously with another team in Latin America, for example. So, in terms of time zones, it makes no difference for your company whether you have someone operating from New York or São Paulo, or Buenos Aires and Boston.

But it’s not all flowers… 

Managing a globally distributed team requires effective communication and collaboration tools. Fortunately, modern technology offers plenty of solutions to bridge the distance, making remote work and cross-border collaboration smoother than ever before.

GeekHunter is a specialized startup to help your company to scale globally, getting all the benefits of offshoring and keeping a great communication among the development team, wherever they’re. Moreover, the Brasilia time zone is a great advantage for US companies because the brazilian devs can easily adapt their workrate to be the same as americans, doesn’t matter if they’re in NYC or California.

If you’re interested in getting to know more about how we can help you implement a global team the right way and get your first results quickly, contact us by filling out this form.

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