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Talent Marketplace: Everything You Need To Know

Although recruiting good talent is still a complex task, technological solutions have gradually emerged that can make HR’s life much easier on this front. Among them is the great protagonist of today’s post: the talent marketplace.

If you have heard about the marketplace within the retail context, you should know that the logic is somewhat similar. However, instead of products, the focus of this trend is to gather highly qualified candidates in a single place.

Are you curious to know how this tool works and understand how it is completely transforming the way companies find professionals to fill their vacancies? Then let’s get to it!

What is a talent marketplace?

What is a talent marketplace?

The talent marketplace, also known as the recruitment marketplace or selection marketplace, is clear evidence of how technology applied to HR has optimized and enhanced the work done by this sector.

What this tool proposes, in essence, is the existence of a virtual space where companies can find candidates and invite them to participate in their selection processes.

But those who think that it works purely and simply as a talent bank or a job vacancy site are mistaken.

The recruitment marketplace goes much further, as it uses state-of-the-art technology to refer qualified and tested candidates, according to the needs of each company.

Not by chance, this is a solution that has come to be widely used by headhunters, and specialists hired by organizations to actively search for the candidates they need to fill positions.

The same goes for companies that have a high demand for highly qualified professionals with very specific skills, as is usually the case with talent in the technology area.

How does a talent marketplace work?

How does a talent marketplace work?

The big secret behind the talent marketplace is the use of technological resources that aim to speed up hiring. Among them, the highlight is Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data.

What these technologies do, primarily, is to cross-reference information in an intelligent and automated way: they analyze market vacancies, the desired qualifications, and the available candidates to then come up with an ideal match.

It is this cross-checking of data that allows companies to use the recruitment marketplace to find candidates who are more in line with what they are looking for at the moment.

With the help of this solution, HR can get a careful list of highly qualified candidates in a shorter period of time and with fewer resources. With this in hand, the next step, then, is to invite them to participate in the selection processes.

Why is it a good idea to invest in a recruitment marketplace?

In the topic above, you already have an idea of the advantages that the talent marketplace can provide, right?

But for the sake of clarity, we want to talk a little more about the benefits that these platforms offer when it comes to recruiting and selecting good talent.

First of all, we need to point out the following: the professionals who register on the selection marketplace go through a series of technical tests and intelligent resume evaluations before being approved on the platform.

Why do talent marketplaces screen and vet the candidates that sign up?

This is done primarily for four main reasons:

  1. To ensure that all candidates that make up the talent pool are actually qualified;
  2. To improve the cross-referencing of information and favor the nomination of candidates who are in fact aligned with the needs of each vacancy;
  3. Optimize HR’s time, which will not need to worry about taking new tests during the selection process;
  4. Increase the candidates’ engagement. After all, only with the tests performed during the registration on the platform, it is possible to participate in several selection processes.

See how one thing leads to another? But this is just a sample since there are many other possible outcomes.

Besides allowing the filling of strategic vacancies in less time and with reduced costs, the technologies adopted in the recruitment marketplace also increase the assertiveness of hiring.

This, in turn, strongly tends to result in more engaged and productive teams, as well as a reduced turnover rate.

So you can understand why this is one of the most successful R&S trends today, especially within tech recruitment, right?

After all, amidst the scarcity of talent in technology, all companies want is a way to hire professionals with more agility and quality… And the talent marketplace delivers exactly that.

Meet GeekHunter’s talent marketplace!

About our product

If your company has a high demand for technology professionals, you must have realized that the traditional recruitment process is no longer as effective.

Nowadays, actively pursuing these professionals is the best way to make good hires in the area. And this is precisely why GeekHunter’s talent marketplace has become many companies’ best friend.

Our platform is focused specifically on IT professionals and emerged as an innovative model that challenges the traditional format for selecting candidates in this area.

At GeekHunter, the companies simply register their job openings. From then on, our team of specialists selects the candidates registered in the database who best meet the desired profile, with the direct assistance of a recommendation algorithm.

All the profiles that are part of our database are automatically compared to the job description and, when they meet the desired requirements, they are indicated for the company in question.

It is worth mentioning that the Brazilian product currently has more than 250,000 professionals registered, with skills in various areas of technology!

It is also important to point out that, although it is automated, the GeekHunter platform is far from being fixed. After all, it gives HR the necessary autonomy to filter, contact the desired profiles, and invite them for interviews.

Moreover, through GeekFlow, these companies can manage their processes, customize the stages of recruitment and selection, and have access to all the information in one place.

How can our talent marketplace help you?

Relying on Geek’s talent marketplace is synonymous with:

  • Having access to an ultra-qualified resume base, with pre-screened and super-engaged candidates;
  • Counting on the support of specialists in all stages of selection, from choosing candidates to hiring;
  • Being able to advertise your opportunities in an exclusive job section, permanently visited by tech professionals;
  • Carry out more agile selection processes: an average of 14 days between approaching the candidate and accepting the proposal;
  • Guaranteed attention from candidates, who in 97% of cases respond to interview invitations within 24 hours;
  • Increase the precision in the selection, since in the processes mediated by Geek, generally, five interviews are enough to find the right talent.

Curious to know how Geekhunter’s platform can help your company improve the hiring of technology professionals? We are ready to connect your business to the best professionals in the market!

Click here or on the banner below and fill out the form to learn more about how we can help you scale your tech hirings!

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