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How to Create the Perfect Hiring Process

How to create the perfect hiring process

Having a solid recruitment and selection strategy is one of the keys to building high-performance teams. And in areas that face talent shortages, such as IT, knowing how to create the perfect hiring process becomes even more important.

Generally speaking, mastering the best techniques to attract and select good professionals is the basis to prosper in the market. After all, a company’s greatest treasure is the people who are part of it.

Knowing this, from now on we want to show you how to structure a tech hiring process that really brings your organization closer to the best candidates.

Want to know more about it? Then come with us.

What is a perfect hiring process?

What is a perfect hiring process?

As we said in the opening of this article, the recruitment and selection stages are crucial for building high-performance teams.

Therefore, a dream hiring process is one that ensures that this really happens!

Too vague? Then let’s get to the details… In practice, a really efficient selection process should result in

  • Vacancies closed within the stipulated time;
  • Hiring of professionals with the technical and behavioral skills required to perform the function, in addition to cultural fit (alignment with the organization’s values and purpose);
  • Increased engagement and productivity of the teams;
  • Reduction of turnover and absenteeism rates.

So many advantages!

The points mentioned above apply to the hiring processes in any area. But when we take into account the scarcity of IT professionals and the high competition in the market for them, checking all of them is even more valuable.

Only those who know the challenges of tech recruitment up close know, lol!

How can you have a foolproof tech hiring process?

Yes, knowing how to create the perfect hiring process to recruit technology professionals is still an unknown for the HR of many companies.

But our goal here is to show that with the adoption of good practices and the right tools, it is totally possible to succeed.

So, let’s go through step by step what you can’t miss!

Building a good job description

It may seem obvious, but the truth is that many companies lose good talent by not taking the time to build an assertive job description.

Therefore, one of the first things that HR must do when it is informed about the need to start a hiring process is to sit down with the manager of the area in which the future employee will work to understand what profile he or she is looking for.

The focus of the conversation is to gather information such as

  • Required behavioral and technical skills;
  • Professional experience and desired education
  • Responsibilities inherent to the position;
  • Salary and benefits.

All these details will make the difference when it comes to writing a killer job description, but here’s the thing: in addition to information about the position, it is also important to highlight elements of the company’s culture. This will help attract people with a cultural fit!

Mapping where the talent is

Once you have a good job description in hand, the next step is to advertise it. And to do this in the best way, it is important to know where your target professionals are looking for job opportunities.

When it comes to advertising jobs, there are many options: job websites, social media, events, career pages, and so on.

But here it is worth opening a parenthesis: in the technology area, it is common for candidates to be approached by companies even when they are not actively looking for a new job.

So, in the case of tech recruitment, the secret is to resort to channels specifically targeted at people in technology, such as, for example, a developer marketplace.

Here you can find qualified candidates and invite them to participate in the hiring process!

Tips to create the perfect hiring process!

Assertive screening of candidates

To have a perfect selection process it is important to know how to identify who are the people who have the potential to fill the open position. And the first step that helps HR meet this objective is screening.

Here, the mission is to compare the candidates’ information with the criteria that were established at the beginning of this journey (during the conversation with the manager, remember?) and separate those who are aligned to the profile sought by the company.

Since this is a judicious task, it can be a little time-consuming if done “manually”. The tip for not wasting time, therefore, is to resort to technological tools that can make it more agile.

Relying on good recruiting software may be the most appropriate way since they are able to cross-reference information and perform the intelligent screening of resumes!

Conducting technical and behavioral tests

Once you have a good number of candidates approved in the screening, you will need to perform some tests to validate that the information on the resume really applies in practice.

Overall, tests are an important part of a perfect hiring process, as they will help HR to assess who really holds the hard and soft skills sought by the company.

And since there are different approaches that can be adopted at this time, we want to suggest two very complete contents on the subject:

When it is time to define which tests to take, it is important to be balanced: too many tests are one of the main reasons why candidates give up on a job in the middle of the hiring process.

Conducting a good interview

It is inevitable: at some point, the search for the right talent will culminate in a job interview!

This means that to build a good tech selection process, you also need to know how best to conduct this moment and get the most out of it.

There are many paths that can be followed at the time of the chat. It is possible, for example, to count on the support of a fixed script of questions that will be asked to the candidate, or else go for a more flexible model.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that the main objective of the interview is to allow HR and the manager to go deeper into the candidate’s profile, remove any remaining doubts and align the expectations of the position.

Closing thoughts on the perfect hiring process

If you have gone through all the topics above, you already know how to create the perfect selection process!

After all, all “respectable” recruitment takes into account the proper execution of these five steps: job description, assertive advertising, screening, testing, and interviewing.

And to be able to fulfill all of them with agility, we can no longer turn a blind eye to technology. Nowadays, having good tools at hand is the key to achieving more assertive results in a short period of time.

The recruitment and selection platforms and the recruitment marketplace, as we have already said, are excellent examples of investments that can make all the difference in recruitment tech!

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