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9 HR Tools Your Company Should Adopt Today

HR tools you should know about

HR tools, contrary to what many professionals think, are not exclusive to companies with a high budget. Automating manual processes is a competitive necessity.

Remember that the more manual your process, the less time for strategic plans you have. Yes, you will know that HR also needs to be competitive with its talents.

If this thinking is correct, at this very moment, competing companies could be hiring the smartest HR tools on the market and attracting talent that could be occupying seats in YOUR company!

This is the time to understand your HR gaps and understand where technology will help you. To make your life easier, we made an article with 9 super cool people management tools.

Maybe one of them can help solve the HR problem? 🙂

HR tools for recruiting and managing candidates

GeekHunter (Talent Marketplace)

We help you hire developers

Do you know the difficulty of hiring software developers? Well, the creators of GeekHunter felt it in their skin as entrepreneurs, so they decided to create this HR tool.

They say that this pain deserved to be tackled with the help of technology in the form of recruiting software. And they began to design an innovative model for recruiting IT professionals that could facilitate, reduce time, and guarantee quality in hiring.

Thus, an innovative business model emerged, which challenged the traditional format of prospecting and selecting candidates. The company registers your vacancies and the team of experts, based on and help from the recommendation algorithm, does the work for you, indicating the ideal candidates for your team.

There are intelligent evaluations of CVs, validation of candidates, and advice on live coding that guarantee the quality of professionals indicated for HR.

All profiles in Geekhunter’s recruiting software are automatically matched to your job, and when they match, you receive a recommendation to evaluate the suggestion and invite you to interview.

You also manage your processes through GeekFlow, which allows you to create your own recruitment steps, and share and gather all the information in one place.

Oh, and most important of all: the registration of vacancies is completely free!

Gupy (Talent Relationship Management)


Gupy is one of the most efficient HR tools for recruiting and selecting people. It is practically an ERP for selective processes.

One of the most interesting features of Gupy is the selection process pipeline. Do you know Pipedrive? Well, Gupy has a similar interface in this feature, only for candidates, instead of customers. You can even automate the submission of proposals!

In addition, it is also possible to record impressions of the interviews, which greatly saves time, since the analysis can be done in a very scannable way.

Gupy also has a dashboard for companies, where HR has a good idea of ​​how many advertised vacancies are open, how many have been closed, and how many applications there are, among other recruitment performance data.

CodeSignal (Technical Skills Assessment)

CodeSignal logo

CodeSignal is one of the most trusted and popular technical interview and assessment solutions on the planet.

CodeSignal platform

With top companies like Uber, Robinhood, Meta, Brex, and Postmates as clients, CodeSignal helps organizations on assessing the technical skills of developers all around the world.

With their platform, you can pre-screen, tech screen, and interview your candidates, and help your team select the best one for your company.

HR tools for employee management

Feedz (Employee Engagement and Retention)

Feedz is a really cool HR tool for talent engagement and retention, which uses gamification to ensure interactions. Here at Geek, we use this tool and it has brought great results in overall engagement.

With Feedz you have access to features such as:

  • Mood Thermometer: this feature is important to understand each person’s mood in isolation. The employee receives a request to inform his mood of the day and, thus, HR has enough input to understand if the person is having a difficult or pleasant week;
  • Celebration Wall: The celebration wall is a kind of corporate intranet or timeline. There, employees can tag colleagues, congratulate them on something, or even celebrate collective achievements;
  • Research with employees: do research on the purchase of inputs, organization of events and even for decision making that involves the entire team. This feature is extremely important to guarantee the democratization and transparency of general decisions;
  • Feedback Management: with this 360Âş feedback feature, it is also possible to give and receive feedback from the team. Feedback can be either anonymous or nominal;

FolhaCerta (Absence and Leave Management)


FolhaCerta is one of the HR tools with administrative aspects. Through it, it is possible to manage absences, check hours worked and absent, electronic time points, approval of “absences” and even an exclusive metrics panel for HR.

Oh and if you already have an electronic and physical clock, FolhaCerta also integrates and presents all the data in an intuitive dashboard.

All this through a complete application that integrates with eSocial, TOTVS, SAP, and Oracle, depending on your system. It is worth checking.

Convenia (Admission, Payslip, and Benefits Management)

Convenia is an HR tech with solutions aimed at automating processes and reducing costs in companies.

Currently, Convenia’s HR Software covers solutions such as digital admission, integrated management of vacations, benefits, digital payslip distribution, communication with HR, and accurate and personalized reports, where you can manage all your employees in a cloud system.

The platform also controls all records from the date of admission so you never miss important deadlines again and avoid fines.

HR tools for research and analytics

Pulses (HR Research)

Pulses Logo

Pulses is the first 100% Brazilian company for continuous research by pulses. And what does that mean? Well, the traditional semi-annual or annual “time clipping” format is over.

Pulses is much more than a research tool, it is a platform for managing people through continuous listening, powered by data.

Through these surveys and other tools, the most modern techniques in Analytics are used to translate data into valuable information. You see in a clear and accurate dashboard, all the information you need to understand which areas need more attention from the team.

Access here and get to know the Pulses platform!

Knoetic (People Analytics)

Knoetic: people analytics software

Knoetic is one of the top-rated people analytics software in G2. With a focus on upper management, this HR tool empowers Chief People Officers and heads of departments on making key and data-backed decisions with the help of analytics.

Knoetic also has comprehensive resource and community pages. Click here to check it out.

intelliHR (People Analytics)

intelliHR: People Analytics software

intelliHR is another people analytics software trusted by leading companies worldwide. With use-to-understand graphs, their HR tool aims to simplify and streamline people management, support human-centered performance and engagement, and provide powerful people analytics and insights.

With their software, you can not only engage your employees but also create exceptional employee experiences at every stage of the employee lifecycle, developing a culture of continuous feedback at your company!

intelliHR gives you all the tools you need to engage, train and support your team. Click here to visit their website.

In summary…

There are several HR tools today to test out so your first step should be to understand the biggest struggles at your team when it comes to HR processes.

Be sure to take a look at our blog for other content to help you on your journey and check out GeekHunter’s platform if you want to create the ultimate tech team!

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