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Hire Remote Developers Faster: Here’s How!

Hire Remote Developers Faster: Here's How!

An open selection process for a long time means losses for sure. To avoid this happening, the way is to keep up to date on the best techniques on how to hire faster.

In companies that have a high demand for highly sought-after professionals in the market, such as those in IT, this is an even more important issue. After all, how do close vacancies at the speed that digital transformation requires?

If this is a question you have been asking yourself, then today’s article is timely. Throughout it, we will bring you valuable tips for those looking to hire in less time. Come along with us!

Why should you hire remote developers faster?

Why should you hire remote developers faster?

Although many professionals still associate a fast hiring process with something poorly done, this is far from the truth.

In reality, recruitment and selection processes that extend beyond what is necessary usually bring a lot of problems to the company.

Whenever a new vacancy arises, either because an employee has left or because the organization is expanding, it should ideally be filled as soon as possible. Otherwise, this can result in:

Delayed delivery and execution of important demands;
Overburdening of other team members and, consequently, a drop in productivity;
Additional costs with overtime for some professionals, who may need to deal with the accumulation of functions until the vacancy is filled;
Compromise of the business strategies (and growth).
In summary: a lengthy selection process means high costs for HR and for the company as a whole.

On the other hand, the sooner a vacancy is filled, the faster the organization will recover all its productive potential. Only advantages, right?

What are the reasons behind a long hiring process?

Before knowing the tips on how to hire faster, it is important to identify what may be hindering the filling of vacancies in your company. Only then will it be possible to act more assertively.

That said, we want to present to you the main causes that compromise the agility of the recruitment and selection:

  • Lean HR, must deal with many responsibilities and, therefore, cannot dedicate itself exclusively to R&S;
  • Shortage of qualified and experienced professionals – a very common challenge in recruitment tech;
  • Predominantly manual process, which makes some steps take longer than necessary;
  • Mistakes in basic R&S stages, such as understanding the desired profile for the position and disclosing the opportunity in the correct channels;
  • Low candidate engagement – which is often a consequence of lengthy selection processes, with too many tests and examinations;
  • Employer Branding in the job market (it happens when the company is not seen as a good place to work). Click here to download our guide on it.

And there, do you identify yourself with any of these situations? Then, finally, it’s time to understand how to get around them!

How can your company hire remote developers faster?

How can your company hire remote developers faster?

Just as there can be different causes behind a long open position, the path to a fast hiring process also goes through different strategies.

In other words, most likely HR will need to look at more than one action if it wants to fill positions with more agility from now on.

Check out our 6 tips on how to hire remote developers faster:

1 – Strengthen your employer brand

If your company is not perceived as a good place to work, this will certainly compromise its ability to attract and hire new talent.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to constantly map the satisfaction of current employees in order to understand what can still be done to give them a more positive experience.

Building an attractive Employee Value Proposition (EVP) will also make all the difference.

Employer branding: a complete guide for HR and tech recruiters

2 – Create a killer job description

The job description is a very important step in R&S. After all, it is through it that most of the candidates will come to your company.

To be successful at this time, it is very important to have a broad understanding of the real needs of the position, including the technical and behavioral skills required to fill it.

Remember that the lack of understanding about the desired profile for the position is among the factors that compromise the hiring agility, besides generating rework for HR and resulting in wrong hires.

Therefore, be sure to align expectations with the area manager before starting any disclosure!

3 – Automate some R&S steps

It is impossible to talk about how to hire faster without mentioning the use of technology. After all, it is currently possible to count on numerous technological tools that bring more agility to the selection processes.

For example, with the support of recruitment software, it is possible to automate many tasks, from the intelligent screening of resumes to the sending of invitations for interviews.

4 – Use a talent bank

Have you ever thought how much easier it would be if your company could resort to a qualified talent bank when it comes to filling a vacancy?

This strategy has been a success among recruiters for a long time. But since building your own talent pool takes time, many have turned to a new alternative: the Recruitment or Talent Marketplace.

This is basically an outsourced talent bank, where you can find qualified professionals and invite them to participate in your selection processes.

5 – Simplify processes

As we said before, having a selection process composed of many steps can make your company lose good talents. And nobody wants that, right?

Obviously, tests, dynamics, and interviews are very important to validate hard and soft skills. But it is important to have the common sense not to overdo it!

On the GeekHunter platform, for example, we simplify this issue: all professionals that make up our talent pool undergo intelligent evaluations of resumes and programming tests as soon as they register on the platform.

These tests, in turn, can be used in all the selection processes they will participate in through Geek – which significantly shortens the hiring time.

6 – Count on the support of specialists

A very lean and overloaded HR team will hardly be able to dedicate the necessary time to close a vacancy with agility.

If this is the case in your company, the solution may lie in hiring specialized R&S professionals to help in the most important stages of this process.

One of the modalities that have stood out on this front is Tech Recruiter as a Service (TraaS), a service that places an external team of specialists to support the companies’ HR to hire technology professionals in less time.

GeekHunter is one of the most respected companies in tech recruiting in Latin America, helping thousands of developers and hundreds of companies in the process through both TRaaS services as well as a digital platform (our talent marketplace).

In conclusion: how can you hire remote developers faster?

Now that you have checked all the tips on how to hire faster, all you have to do is evaluate which of them makes the most sense for your company at this time and get to work.

It is worth remembering that recruitment and selection are among the most strategic stages of people management. Therefore, it is HR’s role to be aware of the best market practices in order to constantly improve its processes.

Oh, and if you need help when it comes to hiring qualified tech talent, with agility, count on the team of experts at GeekHunter

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