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Pulses: How They Hired Developers Within 6 days?

Pulses' stakeholders

An Introduction

With the help of Geek’s platform, the average time to successfully hire at Pulses is now 6 days.

It is not new that being able to fill open technology vacancies, at the speed that the market requires, has become a major challenge for companies’ HR.

After all, we are talking about an area that should demand around 800,000 new professionals by 2025 in Brazil alone – a number much higher than the average number of talents with a technological profile that is trained each year in the country.

Faced with this challenging scenario, GeekHunter was born: a platform specialized in hiring developers and programmers, whose objective is to facilitate the selection process of new technology employees in companies.

Through a base composed of more than 200,000 professionals qualified in various technologies, such as back-end, front-end, mobile, and data science, we have helped companies from different sectors to achieve expressive results in admissions in an extremely competitive market.

To exemplify how this happens, we invite you to know the details of the successful partnership we recently established with Pulses, a company focused on technological solutions for the continuous management of people.

Who is Pulses?

Pulses is a technology company specialized in People Analytics applications for HR and Leaders, in the areas of Engagement, Performance, Culture, and Employee Experience.

According to Maria Eduarda Oliveira, DHO Analyst at Pulses, the company was born out of a real dissatisfaction with how climate surveys were conducted within organizations. “From then on, we started looking for tools that would bring more agility to this process”, he says.

As a result of this search, Pulses has developed an agile and analytical platform that prioritizes continuous listening and is driven by data. The organization’s main focus is to give voice to employees and empower leaders in the management of the Climate and Engagement of their teams.

Currently, the differentials offered by the Pulses’ platform are:

  • Real-time availability of information and data in the hands of leaders and HR;
  • Insights and recommendations, using advanced descriptive and predictive analytics techniques;
  • Security of customer data, protecting the anonymity of employee opinions.

Pulses is a People Analytics startup from Brazil

The challenge Pulses was facing

Being, in essence, a technology company, one of the great challenges faced by Pulses is the difficulty in hiring qualified developers in a timely manner.

After all, as we mentioned earlier, this is an area marked by a shortage of talent, with a much larger number of vacancies than the number of available candidates – which, as a consequence, generates natural competitiveness in the market.

In companies that have a high demand for hiring with a technological profile, the suffering is multiplied. To continue growing in a sustainable way, it is necessary to seek alternatives that expand the range and simplify this journey. That was even how Pulses reached Geek.

The partnership

Daliane Felin, the HR Coordinator at Pulses, says that the first contact with GeekHunter took place in 2018, through an event.

“We thought that Geek’s proposal was very interesting because it was already a new market movement. As Pulses is focused on technology, we saw that there was a match and we sought to know more about the company”, he says.

After this initial contact, the partnership between both companies was effectively signed in 2021. Since then, GeekHunter has become a key partner when it comes to attracting and recruiting developers.

“One of the great differentials of this successful experience that we are having is the Customer Support we receive. The Geek team supports us around the clock, looking for candidates and seeing if we need any help”, adds Daliane.

In the view of Maria Eduarda, DHO Analyst at Pulses, there are two keywords that summarize the results obtained from the use of GeekHunter in tech recruitment and selection: agility and assertiveness.

“Geek fits like a glove, as it helps a lot to expand our range of options. Today we can find assertive professionals in the face of the profiles we are looking for. Without Geek, where would we be looking for these talents?”, he ponders.

Pulses' stakeholders

The results

The most recent numbers support the above reports: in the first half of 2022, for example, Pulses hired 8 professionals with the help of the tool. It is worth noting that the company’s greatest demand is for Full-Stack developers.

In addition, more than 60% of candidates who received an invitation on the platform accepted to participate in the process, which reinforces the high engagement that Geek provides.

Another point worth mentioning is the average hiring time: with Geek, Pulses takes about 6 days to find and hire professionals aligned with the profile they are looking for – something that, for some companies, can take more than 40 days.

“Geek’s platform gives us much more agile recruitment and selection. Within the tool, I can filter candidates by salary expectation, technical experience, and city, among other criteria, which helps us find exactly what we are looking for in a short period of time”, reinforces Maria Eduarda.

With so many benefits in sight, she highlights that the partnership between both companies is 100% in line with Pulses’ vision of the future. “As a technology company, we are greatly expanding our engineering area and the partnership with Geek is essential for this to happen”, he concludes.

If your company has problems similar to Pulses and also wants to achieve great results, how about knowing more about GeekHunter?

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