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Invillia: Learn How They Hired Over 60 People in just 12 Months

Invillia: a case study

Learn how Invillia accelerated their hiring processes with GeekHunter, resulting in over 60 hired in 12 months!

An Introduction

GeekHunter aims to improve people’s lives, developing the match between the best development and data science talents and great companies. It was with this vision that we became the largest market in the segment in Latin America.

Our client base has thousands of professionals and skills in various technologies such as back-end, front-end, full-stack, and mobile, so our partners and clients have to maintain a high number of hires, even in the face of a high number of adverse scenarios hiring like the current one.

To exemplify the benefits that companies are seeking with our help, today we bring you the success story of Invillia, a visionary company and a culture that is out of curvature. Read on and find out how our partners regularly support their hires with the help of GeekHunter’s platform.

What is Invillia?

Invillia Logo

Invillia is a revolutionary company that develops digital businesses and products for other companies through a Global Growth Framework, a pioneering and exclusive methodology.

The company’s main purpose is to generate unlimited opportunities so that innovation never stops and, through the GGF, the company transforms cutting-edge technology into incredible and constantly evolving digital solutions.

Wellington Piva dos Santos, Tech Recruitment Manager at the company, points out that today Invillia “works in a distributed way” with employees around the world and customers from different segments and places.

The challenge Invillia was facing

When we talk about the IT market, the difficulty of finding qualified professionals, with experience and open to new job proposals is gigantic. This is due to the high competitiveness of the segment, which has several open positions much greater than the number of available candidates.

Companies that have a high demand and a continuous flow of hires end up suffering even more in the face of this scenario. This, for example, is the case of Invillia, which has a recurring need to hire professionals. They came to Geek when they looked for tools that could help them evaluate candidates and found talent already pre-validated in our database.

The results of our partnership

Today, with our partnership already consolidated, Invillia uses the Geek platform in an indispensable way in the day-to-day of recruiters. In it, hunting is carried out actively because of the high demand for positions, seniority, and cutting-edge technologies in the market.

According to Paula Annye Conceição, Senior Tech recruiter at the company, Invillia works with a 100% agile mindset and Geek’s base has been surprising in the speed with which invitations are sent through the platform are answered. “We gain speed and assertiveness in the quality of our deliveries here,” she says.

Results at Invillia

In terms of results, the numbers speak for themselves. Between April 2021 and April 2022, Invillia hired 61 professionals through the GeekHunter platform. In addition, the average number of days to hire the company is just two weeks.

As if that were not enough, during this same period, Invillia reached a peak of 73% in the conversion of invitations sent to accepted.

So, here’s the tip: if your company has problems similar to Invillia’s and wants to achieve great results like these, how about scheduling a chat with one of our consultants? You can become our next success story. Let’s go together!

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