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Fóton Informática: How They Reduced By 85% Their Hiring Process with GeekHunter?

Fóton: a case study

In this article, you will learn how Fóton Informática reduced by 85% their hiring process time for tech talent while using GeekHunter!

An Introduction

It is inspiring to see how GeekHunter has helped to leverage the hiring rates of several companies that use our services, as well as contributing to the transformation in the lives of professionals registered on our platform.

With a base of thousands of qualified developers in various technologies such as back-end, front-end, mobile, and data science, in addition to hundreds of customers carrying out numerous daily selection processes, there is no shortage of success stories to share with you. . That’s why today we bring you the story of Fóton Informática, a technology company focused on developing solutions for the financial market.

Continue reading this article to understand how our Fóton Informática has drastically reduced the average time to hire using the GeekHunter platform.

What is Fóton Informática?

Fóton Informática Logo

Fóton is an IT company with almost 30 years in the market. Its work focus is on solutions for banking automation, where the company offers a set of integrated software, consulting, and specialized training.

With offices in cities such as Brasília, Belém, and Recife, the company has a solid presence in the financial market, working with clients such as Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco da Amazônia and Mercantil do Brasil. In addition, it stands out for its creative solutions and the ability to customize software products with strong market demand.

Fóton has improved in the creation and implementation of technology solutions that demand availability, security, and high performance. In short, they are aimed at companies that have a large number of end-users spread across a given geographic territory.

The challenge Fóton Informática was facing

The shortage of qualified technology professionals in Brazil is something indisputable and known to all. It, in itself, is already a major obstacle when companies go to the market in search of hiring. In addition, the lack of manpower generates natural competitiveness where, often, whoever pays the most wins and in this case, we are almost always talking about large corporations and multinationals. The fact is: competition is not always fair.

Challenges at Fóton Informática

However, these weren’t the only challenges Fóton faced before they became partners with GeekHunter. Having a lean team of 5 People Partners focused on tech recruitment and with a high and recurring hiring demand due to the nature of the business, Fóton faced difficulties that ended up interfering, mainly, with the closing time of vacancies.

“Before Geek, we had difficulty finding professionals in places where we had no knowledge and experience,” told Adriana Kist, Talent and Communication Manager at Fóton, where she has worked for 11 years. The sum of all these bottlenecks meant that the average time to fill opportunities in the company reached 2 months. It was at this troubled moment that GeekHunter stepped in to help turn this situation around.

Our partnership

Taking advantage of our qualified and diverse base, in addition to all the support of our customer success team, Fóton rolled up its sleeves and went after the talent it needed.

The ease of use of the platform also helped to speed up the results. After logging in, you are already able to use the filters to search for the best professionals and you can still count on the recommendations of our algorithm and our team of experts. “We had no difficulties in the implementation. The team just needed to understand how to use the platform”, added the Talent Manager.

In addition, with access to more market data through the information contained in the candidate profiles, Fóton was able to make some adjustments to the vacancies on issues such as salary expectations and remote work guidelines. Having this information at hand before talking to the candidate was something that contributed a lot at the time of hiring.

The results

With access to our talent base, Fóton was finally able to find the developers it was looking for, professionals who mastered, above all, technologies such as Java and mobile.

The 2-month average for job openings has dropped dramatically to just 9 days, a reduction of 85%. “Geek helped us find professionals with real potential for our opportunities” evaluated Adriana who also added, “now we can close some vacancies much faster”.

Resulsts at Fóton Informática

Fóton’s results in 6 months of using the GeekHunter platform were incredible! The difference in the average contracting time brought clear benefits to Fóton. Over the last 6 months, more than 20 professionals have been hired through our platform. Fortunately, this number only tends to grow thanks to the potential of our talents, the efficiency of Fóton’s tech recruitment team, and, of course, the strength of this partnership.

This success case highlights the positive impact that GeekHunter, combined with good tech recruitment practices, can generate in different types of companies that suffer from problems such as difficulty attracting qualified technology professionals and delays in filling important positions for business development.

If your company is facing problems like this, why not schedule a chat with one of our consultants? You can become our next success story.

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