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Atlas Technologies: how they hired over 30 devs in just six months?

Case Study - Atlas Technologies

Learn how Atlas Technologies broke our record of hirings: over 30 new developers in just 6 months!

An Introduction

Since we were founded, GeekHunter has contributed significantly to leveraging the number of hirings at several companies that use our product, confirming our status as one of the most prominent marketplaces in its class in Latin America.

Through our base of more than 200,000 developers qualified in various technologies such as back-end, front-end, mobile, and data science, our clients have been able to obtain significant results from admissions in an extremely competitive market.

In this article, we bring you the success story of Atlas Technologies, an outsourcing company focused on developing technological solutions for different market segments. Read on and find out how our partners were able to break new hiring records with the help of the GeekHunter platform.

What is Atlas Technologies?

Founded in 2017, in the city of Pelotas, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, Atlas Technologies is an outsourcing company that provides IT services and consulting to other companies in different segments.

The company’s main purpose is to bring innovation to the market through technology, seeking to meet the needs of sectors and generate value for consumers. That’s why Atlas specializes in software development.

Jhonatan Madruga, the Talent Acquisition Coordinator at the company, points out that through a product aimed at the marketplace, Atlas “aims to organize global markets through innovation and the development of technologies together with incredible teams”.

The challenge Atlas Technologies was facing

In a market that lacks qualified professionals and with a high demand that continues to grow, managing to hire the best talent has become a huge challenge. The classic approach in social networks such as Linkedin, in addition to being laborious, is exhausting for both recruiters and recruiters.

In the case of Atlas, the situation is no different. With a demand that, in addition to being voluminous, is also recurring, it was necessary to pursue other artifices that could contribute to improving the company’s hiring results. As if that weren’t enough, it is

a young company, Atlas still lived with a very recent structuring of its HR sector.

It was in this scenario that the partnership with GeekHunter emerged, becoming a pillar of support for the good work of recruiters, as Jhonatan himself told us:

Atlas Technologies Office

“When I arrived in 2020, the sector had only two people, and in that year we developed a work more focused on structuring. At the time, we didn’t have many professional tools to develop the work on the recruiting side. In this context, some tools were very important for us to be able to perform a talent and process management work, among them GeekHunter, which has been our great ally in the last six months”

Jhonatan Madruga, Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Atlas Technologies

The results at Atlas Technologies

With the help of the platform, Atlas has performed more than 30 developer hires in the last six months. In addition, the average number of days required to complete a contract in 16 days, a record number for the company.

When it comes to invitations sent and accepted, more than 55% of the talents that were approached by Atlas on our platform agreed to participate in the company’s selection process.

Atlas Technologies - Results

In addition to the numbers, the agility that recruiters gained in carrying out their processes is remarkable, since the professionals of the platform are available in the market and open to receiving new job offers. Not to mention, of course, the very important role of Geek’s customer success analysts who, in addition to optimizing the work of recruiters, always support the creation of vacancies, talent recommendations, and communication with candidates.

Once again, GeekHunter highlights the positive impact that our platform and services have on several companies. Of course, none of this would be possible without using good tech recruitment practices and working together with all partner recruiters.

If your company has problems similar to Atlas and wants to achieve great results like these, how about scheduling a chat with one of our consultants? You can become our next success story.

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