SRE Team Lead (K.G) #169 [São Paulo: Hybrid 2-3x week]

  • DevOps
  • Full Time
  • Hybrid
  • SRE
  • São Paulo


SRE, CI/CD, Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes

We are looking for an experienced Site Reliability Engineering Team Lead with a diverse range of technical skills and achievements, development and automation-focused mindset. If you are eager to tackle some of technology’s greatest challenges and have a meaningful impact on millions of users, we want to hear from you. Get in touch!

This position is classified as CLT, meaning that you will be directly employed by the company in Brazil. As part of your employment, you will be entitled to benefits, and your salary will be in Brazilian Reais (BRL). The office is located in São Paulo, Pinheiros.

Τhe role

This Game company utilizes a variety of systems and stacks to deliver its products and as a member of this team, you will work closely with the other engineering teams, with a specific focus on software development and infrastructure design, providing expertise in performance, stability and scalability.

Main responsibilities

  • Lead a team of engineers, enabling and enhancing day-to-day operational workflows for critical applications and services in a 24x7x365 environment, both in the cloud and physical data centers;
  • Take on technical leadership responsibilities, assigning tasks accordingly within the team of Engineers;
  • Continuously improve application observability to ensure the uptime and reliability of our applications and infrastructure;
  • Enhance application architecture, development processes, and team productivity;
  • Utilize a wide variety of open source technologies to create fault-tolerant, scalable and secure high-performance services and pipelines on a global scale;
  • Gain expertise in the latest tech stack areas, including DevOps tooling, CI/CD, containerization, orchestration, and cloud infrastructure;
  • Implement deployment and operation schemes following market security standards;
  • Evaluate performance metrics and provide suggestions for possible optimizations.

The team

A Game technology-driven company with a strong engineering culture and an Agile Scrum environment.
We are looking for passionate people with a wide range of technical skills and the mindset to tackle challenging problems and make a significant impact on our products. Our SRE team consists of experienced engineers who collaborate effectively and work on large-scale applications that serve real-time content to thousands of connected users, within a fast-paced growing business.


  • 5+ years experience building scalable production environments;
  • Experience with, or understanding of, source code control systems, versioning, branching and merging, configuration, build management, artifact repos, automated build tools, automated testing frameworks and automated deployment frameworks;
  • Extensive working experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery procedures and tools (e.g. Jenkins, Gitlab CI), as you will be maintaining and supporting automated build pipelines;
  • Strong scripting skills (BASH, Powershell, Python, Go, Ruby etc.);
  • Strong experience using Docker containers and container orchestration tools (preferably Kubernetes);
  • Experience with one or more Infrastructure as Code tools such as Ansible, Chef, Terraform, etc.;
  • Experience in monitoring and metrics systems (Prometheus, Logstash, Grafana);
  • Cloud computing experience with Azure, AWS or GCP.

Soft skills:

  • Curiosity and ability to delve deep into a topic and follow through;
  • Team spirit – foster open discussions and avoid trying to impose ideas;
  • Pragmatism to avoid unnecessary over-engineering;
  • Clear communication and trust – adapt to your audience and explain concepts effectively;

Nice to have:

  • Programming skills in Java or .Net.

About the company

A leading GameTech company in Greece and among the fastest-growing in Europe operates under various brands in countries like Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Portugal, Brazil, and several others in North and South America.
The company’s goal is to utilize advanced technology to deliver the best experience to those who rely on them for entertainment.
The company primarily develops its sites and services using C# / ASP.NET. Their newer services are built with .NET Core. On the front-end, they’ve adopted vue.js for recent applications, but older systems rely on server-rendered (Razor) views combined with jQuery & Knockout.js. MS SQL server is their main storage solution, but they also turn to Redis and ElasticSearch where beneficial. RabbitMQ is their primary message broker. For code management, they use Gitlab, and the Atlassian suite assists with ticketing and documentation.

About the client hiring process:

  1. HR Interview – 45 minutes to 1 hour
  2. Technical Interview with hands-on – 90 minutes
  3. Head of engineering & HRBP final interview – 45 minutes to 1 hour
  4. Offer


    • Swile Flexible Card;
    • TotalPass;
    • Medical and dental plan;
    • SESC Credential;
    • Yearly Bonus: Up to 20% of annual salary based on performance.
    • & More!

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