Senior Node.js Engineer (V.S) #165

  • Back-end
  • Full Time
  • Remote
  • 65K ~ 90K USD / Year
  • This position has been filled


Node.js, TypeScript

The role:

As the company’s first engineering hire, you will shape the future of this company. You will be responsible for developing and architecting a robust platform that is flexible enough to ship new code daily. Your work will directly impact the performance, scalability, and reliability of their platform, ensuring a seamless experience for the customers.

You will architect and execute innovative solutions, collaborating closely with the engineering and product executives to drive the technical vision and strategy of the company.


  1. Lead Development: Take ownership of the full codebase, leading the development, optimization, and longevity of the core platform
  2. Architect and Build Scalable Solutions: Think creatively to design and implement scalable new solutions to solve customer pain points
  3. Collaborate with Cross-functional Teams: Work closely with the engineering and product teams to align technical and product roadmaps, ensuring the successful delivery of features and enhancements
  4. Mentor and Guide Junior Engineers: Provide guidance and mentorship to new engineers, fostering their growth and development within the team
  5. You will report directly to the CTO.
  6. Collaborate closely with their engineering and product teams to ensure that their technical and product strategies are well-aligned and effectively executed.


They value passion, expertise, and alignment with their core principles and mission above all. While they have a set of ‘nice-to-haves,’ they are primarily looking for exceptional candidates who bring unique strengths to their team. Ideally, you will have:

  • Expertise in NodeJS (preferably Typescript) backend development
  • Strong understanding of distributed databases, data pipelines, and system architecture
  • Previous experience building and owning complex applications from zero
  • A reputation for moving quickly, being extremely efficient with your time spent coding


  • Salary: $65-90K USD Base
  • Potential for equity and bonuses


  • Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • Top-tier tools: laptops, monitors, office equipment
  • Fully remote

The company:

This platform specializes in assisting businesses in thwarting fake users, including duplicates, bots, AI, and fraudsters. Leveraging an invisible AI approach, their platform simplifies complex fraud prevention. Before this solution, customers had to rely on 5+ separate solutions, a substantial team, and engineering resources. Now, businesses can set up their platform within 15 minutes, promptly identifying genuine users. Companies leverage this platform to:

  • Save Money & Time: Prevent costly fake accounts and fraud, consolidate vendors, and enhance team efficiency.
  • Grow Sustainably: Improve experiences for real users, prevent account sharing and abuse, and identify the most effective promotion and ad channels.
  • Make Better Decisions: Gain insights into real user metrics.

The company is assembling a lean team of high-performers, with founders hailing from renowned companies such as Bain, Facebook, and Capital One. Their expertise in fraud extends from companies like TransUnion, Neustar, and various Fintechs.

Their Impact:

The company is actively combating the deterioration of the internet caused by AI and fraud. Online trust has reached an unprecedented low, exacerbated by the challenges posed by AI. B2C businesses depend on the assurance that their interactions involve real, unique, and trustworthy individuals.

This solution plays a pivotal role in preserving and augmenting trust in the digital realm, facilitating trusted interactions between people and businesses.

Their Growth Trajectory:

In the past 16 months, they have achieved significant milestones:

  • Developed a robust platform that has already surpassed established players like Fingerprint, Arkose Labs, Google, Cloudflare, and IPQS, attracting customers away from them.
  • Achieved $100K in ARR within four months of launch.
  • Secured $3.8M in funding to scale the team.

They can’t wait to go even faster as they grow the team!

Their Values

  1. All-in Optimism: You’re all-in on the company’s and your personal growth. Building a world-changing startup is nearly impossible. You’ll have steadfast optimism and energy that help you push through challenges and accomplish the impossible while having fun doing it.
  2. Total Ownership: You will individually own high-impact problems end-to-end. You’ll be both a self-starter and self-completer, combining structure that helps you know what to do next with execution and orchestration skills that help you get the job done.
  3. First Principles Curiosity: You’ll analyze problems with the curiosity of a beginner’s mind: challenging assumptions, rethinking the current way, and quickly testing new hypotheses. When working through ambiguity, you’ll focus on finding the best answer and learning something new – even if it means changing your mind.

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