Senior Front End Engineer (C.G) #116

  • Contractor
  • Front-end
  • Remote
  • 60000 USD / Year
  • This position has been filled



About the company

This company is the industry-leading solution for optimizing PPC advertising against illegitimate clicks. Their automated solution detects, blocks, and reports all fraudulent activity in real-time, so clients can be confident that their advertising budget is being used effectively.

The team understands the disappointment of watching clients’ marketing budgets deplete due to click fraud. To solve this problem, the company provides click fraud protective measures that can be adjusted based on clients’ business needs. Their user-friendly interface makes it easier to control the level of protection the clients want the system to apply to clients’ advertising campaigns.

Since 2016, the company’s saved over $1 billion for more than 7,000 clients by optimizing its advertising campaigns.

With this solution, clients can achieve quality traffic and outperform their competitors by eliminating unwanted clicks on their PPC ads, cleaning up their traffic, and saving their budget for their actual audience.

About the role

They focus on talent rather than the location to hire the very best person for every role. Open communication is vital, and we use the best tools to collaborate efficiently. This is a remote-first company where everyone has the autonomy to create their best work. They hold regular team and company-wide meetings, and once-yearly in-person off-sites, to encourage collaboration and interaction between teams.


  • Participating in front-end development for our client’s SaaS product
  • Implementing new user-facing features using React.js
  • Building reusable components and front-end libraries
  • Optimizing components for maximum performance across a variety of browsers and web-capable devices
  • Translating user stories, specs, and wireframes into high-quality code that delivers value to the end-user
  • Reporting to the Head of Product and Technical Team Lead


  • You’ve demonstrated experience as a senior frontend developer using React.js
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as a Front End Developer
  • You have excellent JavaScript knowledge in front-end libraries and React.js ecosystem
  • You have deep experience with UI libraries and design system
  • You are familiar with code versioning tools like git
  • You have extensive SaaS App dashboard product development experience
  • You have versatility in the JavaScript ecosystem and programming languages in general
  • Clear background in building Software as a Service, ad tech, and/or cybersecurity tech
  • You have experience with Test-Driven Development
  • Are experienced with working remotely

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The level of proficiency can vary a bit depending on the company and the role, but we advise candidates to have at least an upper-intermediate level of English prior to applying. We will assess it during the hiring process.

Most of our job roles are mid or senior-level. Because of that, we believe at least 3 years of deep experience for mid-level roles and 5 or more for senior roles are required.

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It can vary a lot depending on the company and its needs, but most of the roles listed on the job board are contractors (equivalent to PJ in Brazil).

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At this time (prior to the application), we don't disclose the names of our clients. If you are approved on the first steps (CV and English assessments), we will give you all the details!