Game Developer (H.Y) #131

  • Back-end
  • Full Time
  • Remote (Remote)
  • $40,000 ~ $60,000 USD/Year USD / Year
  • This position has been filled


Unreal Enginer, Python, C++, C#

Company Overview

A leading company in the gaming industry, seeking game developers who are passionate about integrating fitness into virtual reality experiences. Their innovative technology transforms movement data into valuable fitness metrics, which are then gamified and presented to players. As the ultimate solution for VR developers, they offer official VR fitness tracking, seamless integration with a vast range of 300+ wearables and wellness apps, and boast the fastest-growing and widely utilized fitness Discord bot. Join them and revolutionize the way gaming and fitness intersect for an immersive and health-conscious gaming experience.

About the Opportunity

We are currently seeking an experienced Game Developer with a minimum of 2/3 years of relevant experience to help us grow! Check more information below:


  • Write UE5 Plugin and/or Module to communicate with the CPP DLL.
  • Understands design constraints and make it easy for developers to install using UE5.
  • Work with other team members to understand the Data Model on Google Firestore and support all relevant endpoints.


  • 2+ years of experience with game developing
  • Ability to build modules or plugins with UE4.
  • Unreal Engine SDK Expertise.
  • Understands and can write CPP for mobile and desktop architectures.
  • Relevant VR, AR, or otherwise related software engineering work experience.
  • Fluent in C++, Python, C#, and programming paradigms.
  • Strong 3D vector math, linear algebra, and graph theory skills.

Nice to have

  • Data science backgrounds or previous work in pattern recognition or signal processing will be nice.
  • Cross-platform development (Mac, mobility) is a plus.
  • One or more shipped game titles on any platform.
  • Live in or near Curitiba – PR.

Hiring Process (2-3 weeks):

  • Interview with GeekHunter
  • Take-home test (Hacker Rank)
  • Technical Interview
  • Interview with leaders
  • Final interview
  • Offer

Salary range

$40,000 ~ $60,000 USD/Year

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