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F.T | React.js, Python

About the company

They create software and services that transform education. They are building a SaaS platform with The College Board that is an integral part of the educational experience for more than three million AP and Pre-AP students worldwide: a digital assessment platform that deepens student engagement, while enhancing the instruction teachers are delivering. They’re a small company making a big difference, and They’re proud of their contribution to advancing remote and in-person learning.

They are working on a variety of projects from componentizing and enhancing front-end React.js to optimizing the user experience. They are constantly collecting data on users to help recommend better resources for their learning. They build interesting but simple dashboards that help teachers become more data-driven. They work on behavioral experiments via randomized control trials through their software.

Their backend is mostly Python/SQL alchemy and supports GraphQL and a diverse set of databases depending on the application. Continuous integration and continuous deployment are next in their pipeline. They work with their design team to make this experience engaging for effective learning. They practice Agile and Scrum and strive to continuously improve.

About the position

If you’re a talented engineer, you have many employment options. So, what do you prioritize in your search — competitive salary and benefits? Remote work? professional growth?

They’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to fill a position that offers all of the above plus the chance to do something truly meaningful — build software that is improving education for literally millions of students — in a company culture grounded in mutual respect.


You should have hands-on experience in automated testing on the Frontend, optimizing front end code performance, analyzing API caching errors, being comfortable digging into Docker containers, and diving into a large codebase to refactor components and migrate database models.

You should be comfortable interacting with customers and providing guidance on the technical feasibility and scope of the engineering needed to solve problems and deliver features. You will work with their QA team to find the best ways to increase the performance of the development team and improve software quality and development speed.

You will interface with engineering leadership to continuously drive innovation and new product development while promoting and advancing the scalability and modularization of the current platform they are working on with their partners. You will be an essential member of the engineering team to drive the company’s vision and mission while scaling the software for a larger audience.

Required and desirable qualifications

  • Proven experience in understanding complex user needs with multiple stakeholders and providing practical solutions that can work in the production;
  • Always automating solutions, but making them clearly understandable to other developers and users;
  • Worked with a large volume of content, XML, and media via writing custom scripts, data transformations, ETL, and data pipelines;
  • Highly collaborative and be able to communicate both interpersonally and in your code;
  • Not afraid to dive into other’s code, refactor and rewrite if it’s best for maintenance and the end-user;
  • Eye for great software engineering practices (i.e. experience in dealing with bad code and improving or refactoring with good design);
  • Experience in debugging functional and performance issues with Javascript, React.js, or Python;
  • Experience in developing testable components;
  • Experience in relational schema and data migrations with the ability to optimize indexes and data for database performance;
  • Experience in branching, rebasing, cherry-picking, and collaborating in Github;
  • Experience in Agile sprints is a plus;
  • Desire to continuously learn, improve and apply new technologies that will increase operational efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Experience in Cypress, Jest, Enzyme, and Cucumber is a plus.

Salary Range

84000-96000 USD/year

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