Fullstack Developer (E.H) #123

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  • DevOps
  • Full Time
  • Full-stack
  • Remote (Remote)
  • 31200 – 54000 USD / Year
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JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, Linux, C++, Cloud VPS, Redis

Company Overview

This company is a community-based, social livestreaming app for finding like-minded friends and partners. Through the power of livestreaming technology, users are able to form real-time connections with members of their own communities. By offering a subscription dating service as well as a livestreaming platform, they make it easy for users to flirt, chat, and date in real-time — all within the same app!

Since founding, we’ve always lived by our four core values:

  1. We put our users first,
  2. We are diverse,
  3. We are adaptive, and
  4. We have the can-do spirit.

We are a team of innovative, and friendly individuals who are redefining the rules of connection. We believe that our dedication to livestreaming and online dating technologies will bring highly efficient and safer connections to many minority communities all over the world. We are currently looking for a strong Infrastructure Engineer to join our growing team and share in our enthusiasm for taking on today’s toughest challenges in livestreaming.


  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or similar areas.
  • 3+ years of full-stack experience
  • Experience with: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, MySQL
  • Experience with: Linux, C++, Cloud VPS, Redis
  • Knowledge of Ruby and/or Ruby on Rails

Nice to have

  • Experience building scalable distributed systems
  • Ability to learn and understand new technologies/systems quickly.
  • Solid software development fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, problem-solving, and system architecture).
  • Experience integrating low-level software for purpose-built solutions.
  • Working knowledge of (CDN) Content Delivery Networks and data center infrastructure.
  • In depth knowledge of video compression, encoding, decoding, streaming, and analytics.
  • Experience in developing/deploying streaming infrastructure on cloud services.
  • Previous experience with video processing services or infrastructure such as AWS
  • Elemental MediaConvert/MediaLive, MediaConnect, or ffmpeg in-a-box
  • Experience working closely across a variety of teams including product management, designers, and backend engineers.
  • Creative problem-solving skills while working in a fast-paced, start-up environment.


  • Design, build, and maintain distributed content and service systems
  • Research and develop content and media delivery technology, such as WebRTC, HTTP Multicast, Anycast, etc.
  • Develop network and service metrics-gathering solutions that inform automation and perform system monitoring/alerting to secure our services, validate network security configurations, and protect against network disruption.
  • System development, configuration and deployment of infrastructure atop cloud VPS or 3rd party platform, namely:
    • Proxy Servers such as haproxy, nginx, ProxySQL
    • Database/Web servers such as Redis, Redis Cluster, MySQL, MySQL cluster, Rails, Go, Vapor
    • Services such as PubSub messaging, video recording, video transcoding, managed + distributed cloud store, CDN
    • Supporting servers and services such as orchestrator, CircleCI, GCP, AWS, GitHub, Ansible
  • Manage and work with 3rd party infrastructure-as-a-service and video software vendors.
  • Assist with writing formal requirements and specifications documents; building and documenting solutions.
  • Maintain communication of project statuses and drive continued improvement in quality and availability of the systems and product.
  • Contribute to our culture of shipping greatness, quality and customer-focused approach.

Salary Range

31200 – 54000 USD / year

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