Fullstack Developer (C.X) #9

  • Full-stack
  • Remote (Remote)
  • 180000 USD / Year
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React.js, Ruby on Rails

About the company

The company is building the first generation of modern ERP software for the burgeoning cannabis industry. They help their customers overcome daunting compliance regulations, sell more products, cut costs, and optimize their day-to-day operations from seed to sale.

They are on a mission to empower people in the cannabis industry to lead more fulfilling work lives through innovative, mission-critical technology. They are trusted by over 1000 facilities across the US, from cultivation, through distribution and manufacturing. Their work is driving the continued success of cannabis legalization and reform across the country.

  • It’s clear that they’re building something people want, and their traction shows it. 1500 facilities across the US and Canada use their software to run their business, helping them process over $100M USD in direct sales and manage 20M+ plant and inventory items to date.
  • The time is now. Legalization is here, and the company is not only establishing the technical foundations of the industry as it grows, but continuously working to improve them with every feature that we ship.
  • It’s early. Your work will be pivotal in forming and growing the team, company and an entire industry from the ground up.
  • They have a superb founding team, across sales, support, engineering and product. They have built teams, started companies, and developed products and infrastructure used by millions of people around the world before embarking on this journey together. Their team hails from Facebook, Heroku, Genesys, and more.

About the position & Responsibilities

They’re currently an engineering team of 8. They work up and down the stack, and outside it when necessary (across hiring, product, you name it). They’re looking for not only engineers, but owners that will drive the company for years to come.

You might be a great fit if you are:

  • Adaptable—an avid hat collector.
  • Prone to focus on simplicity over completeness. They pride themselves on being to-the-point in our product development. If it doesn’t solve the problem, it’s not worth their time.
  • People-focused. Take the time to get to know their customers, and step in their shoes when building. In-person meetings and on-sites are encouraged.
  • A leader, mentor, and influencer. As one of the first engineers at the company, you get a chance to impact the company in fundamental ways, in and out of ‘the stack’.

They choose technology to find the right balance of productivity, robustness, performance, and elegance. They like to move fast, and be proud of their work at the same time. Their stack is:

  • React Native and ReactJS for both native and web front-ends. (Typescript)
  • GraphQL as our API language
  • Ruby/Sorbet+Sidekiq+ActiveRecord for backend business logic
  • PostgreSQL for backend data persistence
  • Realm as our mobile DB

Their development process is simple: they identify an opportunity to help our customers save time and lead a more fulfilling work-life (be it a product, infrastructure improvement, or development tool), run it by the team, and build it.

They use daily check-ins to hold each other accountable, weekly meetings to plan the next cycle of work, and 3-month check-ins to talk about the company’s priorities and goals as a whole. Everything else is up to you.

Our technical challenges (and accomplishments) include:

  • Integrating with hardware (e.g. wireless scale integrations for weighing product during and after harvest/processing or RFID scanners for plant tracking).
  • Processing millions of data points and offering actionable insights and forecasts to our customers.
  • Working with gnarly 3rd-party APIs to push/pull data to/from our backend with a high degree of accuracy and timeliness.
  • Delivering beautiful and effective UIs to help their customers accomplish their work as effectively as possible.
  • Writing efficient mobile applications that can work both online and offline to process hundreds of thousands of changes in sporadic network conditions.
  • Managing payments for an often overlooked population of underbanked customers: the entire cannabis supply chain.

Salary Range

108000-180000 USD per year

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