GeekHunter vs. Recruiting Agencies

Learn why GeekHunter is the more complete package than recruiting agencies
when it comes to tech recruiting.

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What are the main differences with recruiting agencies?

Recruiting Agencies
  • ❌ No expertise on tech recruiting

  • ❌ No experience with LATAM market

  • ❌ No platform to help you find top talent

  • ❌ Huge cost per candidate hired (around 15% of annual salary)

  • ❌ Fewer options on pricing structures

  • ❌ Fewer profile alignment meetings

While recruiting agencies can help you with sourcing and finding talent, GeekHunter has a deeper understanding of tech recruiting and the LATAM market, as well as a digital platform to make the process go even faster!

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Why choose GeekHunter and not recruiting agencies?

Biggest marketplace in its class

We’re the biggest talent marketplace specialized in helping companies hire developers in Latin America

Market expertise

With over 7 years in the tech recruiting business, we have the team and knowledge to choose the best prospects.

Engaged and vetted developers

From the very start, we focus on pre-validating only the best and most engaged candidates that fit your needs.

How do you hire developers with GeekHunter?

While we’re adapting our product for international companies and their needs, we’re working in a TraaS (tech recruiter as a service) model.


Briefing and Job Opening

Firstly, we will get the details about the job openings and priorities when you become our client.



Secondly, our tech recruiter will show you curated profiles and refine our selection criteria based on your feedback.



Finally, you will receive the profiles directly in your inbox and you select the ones for your hiring process.

Start hiring top talent
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