Async is the way! 😄

The async interview is a way for you to control the process!

Your application was successful and now you need to record your answers to complete our full evaluation before starting the process with our International Clients.

Please, complete it within the next 7 days.

We want to help you succeed, so please read carefully!

Remember to test your webcam, microphone, and headphones before starting.

Check the quick tips Maia gave in the video on the right 👉

What we will ask! 🤔

Be prepared to respond to all questions in English. You must complete all answers at once, so get some time on your schedule to do this end-to-end (10~25 minutes). If you are not confident, write down your answers and practice before recording.


Learning about a new technology for a project in your work. 

Question: Can you give us an example of a new technology you had to learn recently and how you applied it in your work?

Guide to answer: Set the context. Which technology did you have to learn? How and where did you research it? How did you apply that new knowledge at work? And what results did you achieve?

2. 🚀

Career focus and technology requirements for the job position. 

Question: Can you tell us about a specific challenging project you have worked on recently that required similar technologies?

Guide to answer: What was your task? How did you approach the challenges you faced? And what were your results from this experience?

3. 🤝

Working with others and team challenges you faced.

Question: Can you share an example of a time when you had to work on a project with a team with different technical backgrounds or skill levels?

Guide to answer: How did you manage to collaborate effectively and ensure the success of the project? Describe any teamwork challenges you had to overcome.

If you don’t pass this async interview step, you can try again in 3 months. You can also ask for more detailed feedback. We are more than happy to share our point of view with you and help you improve next time!