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Our Story

Born in 2015 with a clear mission to transform the day-to-day of companies and the life and careers of tech professionals in Brazil, we have grown quite a lot since then! We are a marketplace platform that connects companies and curated developers and data scientists.

Since our early days, we believe in the huge transforming potential that technology has in businesses all around the world.

Through our product and technologies, we’re building an immense network between tech workers (developers and data scientists) and companies from several countries. Our focus is on bringing transparency and efficiency to recruiting processes!

Milestones at GeekHunter

During our 7-year journey, we have achieved many milestones, going from a small team in
Florianópolis to a 100+ employee company spanning all regions of Brazil!


GeekHunter was founded


Angel Investment


Seed Investment


150k registered candidates


Over 100 employees


International Expansion

Why should you work at GeekHunter?


People are the difference

Our product is made by people for people. Because of that, people are our foundation. We treat each other with respect and equality, no matter if they are geeks, clients or partners.

We try our best to make GeekHunter as diverse, safe and inclusive as possible.


We learn and teach

We’re curious and love to learn new things. Therefore, we’re always learning something new every day!

We believe that we’re always evolving so there are always new things to learn. The expression “I don’t know” is not an obstacle but the first step in our journey.


We grow and evolve

Change is a constant factor in our journey and it will remain like that always!

At GeekHunter, we believe in a safe environment for testing and learning. “Fail fast to learn fast” is a big motto here.

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