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Why choose GeekHunter to hire developers?

Biggest marketplace in its class

We’re the biggest talent marketplace specialized in helping companies hire developers in Latin America

Market expertise

With over 7 years in the tech recruiting business, we have the team and knowledge to choose the best prospects.

Engaged and vetted developers

From the very start, we focus on pre-validating only the best and most engaged candidates that fit your needs.

How to find and hire developers with GeekHunter?

While we’re adapting our product for international companies and their needs, we’re working in a TraaS (tech recruiter as a service) model.

01. Register

Our team will discover your needs!

A recruitment specialist will contact you to understand your needs and guide you towards the best solution. Don’t worry about time, we tend to be very fast at this stage!

02. Choose what fits you

Looking for developers

We need to make sure our criteria and yours match and we have a common understanding of the expertise and stacks needed. We will get a briefing for every job opening and understand a bit more about your culture.

03. Interview them

Time to make interviews!

After vetting all the candidates it’s time for you to interview them and take any extra steps needed in your current recruiting process. In this step, count on our recruitment team to help you negotiate with candidates.

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