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GeekHunter is the place for companies to hire tech workers in Latin America. We help you with your nearshoring plans by finding and vetting the best talent possible in the region!

We’re trusted by top companies

We’re experts in helping you hire tech talent

With know-how and market experience, we attract, pre-validate, and select only the candidates with the best profile for the jobs.

We’re experts in helping you hire developers

With our technologies and data intelligence, we attract, pre-validate, and select only the developers with the best profile for the jobs.

How do you find and hire tech workers with GeekHunter?

After over 7 years of experience in Brazil, we’re helping major international companies with their nearshoring plans by sourcing and vetting only the best talent Brazil has to offer!

01. Register

Our team will discover your needs!

A recruitment specialist will contact you to understand your needs and guide you towards the best solution. Don’t worry about time, we tend to be very fast at this stage!

02. Choose what fits you

Looking for developers

We need to make sure our criteria and yours match and we have a common understanding of the expertise and stacks needed. We will get a briefing for every job opening and understand a bit more about your culture.

03. Interview them

Time to make interviews!

After vetting all the candidates it’s time for you to interview them and take any extra steps needed in your current recruiting process. In this step, count on our recruitment team to help you negotiate with candidates.

Our talent marketplace at a glance


of our developers answer within 24 hours


the amount of time it takes on average since the first approach to hire a developer


our clients need to interview on average 5 candidates to hire the right person

The best tech talent from Latin America at your fingertips

Our reviews speak for themselves!

The best talents from LATAM
at your fingertips

Our reviews speak for themselves!

Why do top tech workers love our service?

Cláudio Ramos - Senior Software Engineer
Claudio Ramos

My feedback is extremely positive when it comes to the whole process. I liked the first interview in English and the transparency of the hiring process. Beyond that, the attention you give during the interviews with the company is super important to give the candidate more confidence and a sense of safety. Oh, and the post-hiring gifts were super cool!

Paulo Camargos - Dev
Paulo Camargos
Full-stack Developer

Are you a software engineer, QA tester, product designer or product manager looking for remote work?

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