FullStack Developer (I.N) #87

  • Contractor
  • Full-stack
  • Remote (Remote)
  • 50400 CAD (Canadian Dollars) USD / Year
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React.js, Node.js, .NET Core

We are a Canadian company based in Vancouver. For 22 years, we have been helping connect people at work.  We provide a business internal communication platform with the aim to deliver the best employee experience possible, empowering workforces to drive success.  We have an established customer base, with well over 600 customers served from different countries and 20 different industries, including many recognizable brands.

Our office provides a modern, open, and collaborative environment. We live core values of Simplicity, Positivity, Integrity, Creativity, Empathy, and Diversity, and we work our best every day to uphold them. If you’re SPICED up like us – consider applying below!

Our history is built on our commitment to a customer-first mentality. We take pride in our work and relentlessly pursue making a real difference for our customers and for our team.

The Opportunity

You will be working alongside frontend devs, QA, scrum master, dev ops, UX designer, and domain expert forming a fully equipped squad to successfully launch a new cloud-based solution, expanding the IC product portfolio.  The technology stack is using the latest cloud-based technologies. (.NET Core, Node.js, web sockets, Mongo DB, message queues, etc).  That being said, your choice of tools is based on the best for the job at hand as opposed to what’s sexy.


  • Execute planned dev, platform implementation & architecture changes
  • Participate in code reviews with other team members to improve their capabilities
  • Fix existing defects, and replace technical debt.
  • Develop product features based on roadmap and market-fit

Desired Skills & Experience

  • 4+ years of experience as a Full-stack, mostly working on the Front end with JavaScript (React.js)
  • Experience building commercially successful backend infrastructure for SPA (currently using .NET Core and Node.js)
  • Application of modern authentication and authorization approaches (OAuth)
  • Creation of public, commercial-grade REST APIs
  • Web sockets and other communication protocols
  • Varied experience with data stores, NoSQL, relational or other (currently Mongo DB)
  • Implementation of integrations interfaces with other SaaS providers
  • Management and orchestration of message queues (currently Kafka).
  • Participation in collaborative, Agile development environments (Scrum, Kanban, XP)
  • Deployment of stable software in a Linux-based cloud environment
  • Build and deploy containerized backend microservices

Bonus Points

  • Experience with Google Cloud environment
  • Micro-services approach
  • Continuous delivery
  • Eventual-consistency based solutions
  • Terraform and/or Kubernetes experience

We offer a comprehensive package to our employees, generous paid vacation and sick time, extended medical/dental, bonus days off, flexible schedules, a dog-friendly office, health and wellness support, professional development, team activities, and more.  Salary is based on qualifications and experience.

The salary is in Canadian Dollars!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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