PHP Backend Developer (E.T) #174

  • Back-end
  • Full Time
  • Remote
  • This position has been filled


Laravel, AWS, APIs

About the company:

We’re a multidisciplinary development studio with design and product at the core of our philosophy. Our emphasis is on creating products rather than just completing projects. Our approach involves vision, ideation, prototyping, design, development, customer care, and everything in between. We delve deep into each aspect, iterate, learn, and continually adapt and evolve.

Throughout our journey, we’ve successfully crafted medical applications, e-commerce sites, games, VR applications, iPhone apps, business websites, intranets, and corporate identity systems. Some of our products have stood the test of time, thriving even 10+ years later.

As a remote-only company, we made the transition to remote work over 15 years ago, long before it became a trend. We consider ourselves remote-native, with a small but diverse team spanning 4 continents and 10+ countries, bringing varied backgrounds and cultures into our collaborative environment.

Our work culture is centered around asynchronous and text-based communication, making effective communication skills crucial. We value flexibility in schedules, although we aim to maintain at least 4 hours of overlap between team members and their core teams.


The Job:

This is a full-time remote position. We’re used to working as a dispersed team so you must be cool with collaborating online and a lot over text. We’re flexible on schedules, but at least 4 hours of overlap with a core of your team is necessary.

Your main task would be to work on an application we run in the healthcare industry. You would be working with Laravel and custom PHP frameworks. Some work in more miscellaneous tools related to the core application might be necessary, but where needed you would have the time to learn anything you’re not yet familiar with.

We have dozens of 3rd party integrations and some refactoring work is involved with these 3rd parties as well as general code base evolutions. We rely on AWS for many of our features, so you would be working with their APIs constantly. Your workload would be focused more on maintenance than on new features, particularly at the start.

You would start with smaller tasks to understand the scope of our application and then with time move up to bigger work within the application.

You would be working with an all-remote team that’s used to getting work done through text-based channels (backlogs, wikis, and Slack conversations). Great text- based asynchronous communication is key to this position.

For reference, some keywords for technologies we use: Laravel, AWS (many products), Twilio, Stripe, Redis, Google APIs, Dropbox APIs, GraphQL, OpenSearch, OpenAI, etc.



  • Core PHP knowledge
  • Experience with Laravel
  • Experience with production environments
  • Experience with 3rd-party API integrations such as AWS, Twilio, and Stripe
  • Experience with OWASP requirements
  • Experience with healthcare-related development and integrations
  • Frontend knowledge a plus
  • Experience scaling production setups a plus



  • 2 months maternity leave/1 month paternity leave
  • Flexible vacations
  • Paid sick leave


About the Hiring Process:
1 – GeekHunter’s process
2 – Interview with the company
3 – Test project
4 – Technical Interview & Culture assessment
5 – Offer

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